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Academy Goalkeepers (2012 - 2010): Mondays from 5:15 pm - 6:15 pm on Field 1
Select (2009 - 2002): Mondays from 6:15 pm - 7:15 pm on Field 1

At Thunder Goalkeeping Academy (TPA) we believe in developing the entire goalkeeper through the game of soccer. We will focus on the 5 pillars of the goal; Technical, Tactical, Physical, Psychosocial and Organizational

Safety first is how we create our goalkeepers combined with fun, technique, decision making, confidence and physical presence to dominate games from the back.

Every practice session is focused on being aggressive , detail oriented, physically excellent, mentally tough, resilient and the ultimate leader on and off the field.

The three  areas of goalkeeper development lies in GK Training Academy (TGA) outside of practice , gk specific and inclusion with team training and then game training which involves a proper warm up as well as pre game, halftime and post game analysis. All three areas need to be taken care of and addressed for a goalkeeper to develop to their full potential. 

  • Area 1: GK Training Academy (TGA) training takes place once a week for goalkeepers and may replace a practice session if it falls on the same day as practice or will be an additional session. This is where all goalkeepers will be placed in developmentally appropriate groups and run a 18 session curriculum to prepare her for the season

  • Area 2: Team Training is where the goalkeeper is included in activities as a goalkeeper using all goalkeeper techniques and attributes needed to make saves on the big stage

  • Area 3: Game Training (Big Stage) is where the goalkeeper has an individual technical warm up and is also included in a team warm up with shooting and crossing at the end.

At the beginning of the season all goalkeepers will run through a skills stations and also at the end of every season you will be run through these sessions to reevaluate you after the season. Finally at the end of the season you will be evaluated with a 45 Point GK Evaluation to be handed out you and kept on record to be handed over to the coach and used for Thunder Directors , staff and coaches.


 2009 - 2002 (11U - 19U)

  • August 10 (Session 1): Focus: Handling (Collecting balls low, middle, high, scoop, front smother, basket catch, contour, high/side contour | SAQ: Single Leg Romanian Deadlift, Curtsy Lunges, Core

  •  August 17 (Session 2): Focus: Diving (Collapse dive, extension dive, kick out save/foot save, tipping | SAQ: Jump Squats, Side-to-Side Jumps, Core

  • August 24 (Session 3): Focus: 1 v 1 (Breakaways, staying on your feet, reaction saves, deflection saves, through balls, foot saves)| SAQ: Medicine Ball Chest Passes, Medicine Ball Overhead Throws, 

  • August 31 (Session 4):Focus: Angles (positioning on the ball, positioning off the ball)| SAQ: Situation Reflex Drills , Core

  • September 7 (Session 5):Focus: Crosses (Sideline, punching, boxing, tipping, power dive) | SAQ: Landmine Rainbows—3 x 8 of each

  •  September 14 (Session 6):Focus: Set Pieces (Corners, free kicks, throw ins)| SAQ: Standing Long Jumps, 30-Meter Dash— 5 x 5 of each, Core

  • September 21 (Session 7):Focus: Game Management (Communication, organization, motivating, directing, decision making, game & player understanding)| SAQ: Medicine Ball Rotational Throws, 30-Meter Dash—5 x 5 of each, Core

  • September 28 (Session 8):Focus: Shot Stopping & Goalkeeper Wars (advanced shot stopping, angles, positioning, footwork, explosiveness)| SAQ: Landmine Thrusters, Kettlebell Swings, Core

  • October 5 (Session 9):Focus: Quick & Soft Hands | SAQ: Jump Squats, Side-to-Side Jumps, Core

  • October 12 (Session 10): Focus: Handling & Diving | SAQ: Single Leg Romanian Deadlift, Curtsy Lunges, Core

  • October 19 (Session 11): Focus: Footwork, Handling and Angle Play | SAQ: Medicine Ball Chest Passes, Medicine Ball Overhead Throws, Core

  • October 26 (Session 12): Focus: Quickness, Diving | SAQ: Situation Reflex Drills, Core

  • November 2 (Session 13): Focus: Footwork, handling & shot stopping | SAQ: Landmine Rainbows—3 x 8 of each, Core

  • November 9 (Session 14): Focus: Quick & Soft Hands | SAQ: Standing Long Jumps, 30-Meter Dash— 5 x 5 of each, Core

  • November 16 (Session 15): Focus: Goalkeeper Wars | SAQ: Medicine Ball Rotational Throws, 30-Meter Dash—5 x 5 of each, Core

  • November 23 : Focus on all aspects 

  • November 30: Focus on all aspects



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