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General FAQ

Q: When, where, and how often are the Auburn Thunder practices held?

A: Practices for Auburn Thunder are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  Teams will either practice during the first time slot (5:00-6:30), or the second time slot (6:30-8:00).  Coaches must be notified if your child is going to miss practice. All Auburn Thunder practices are held at the Wire Road Soccer Complex.

Q: When are most of the games played?

A: Most state league games are held on weekends, potentially anytime Saturday and usually in the afternoons on Sundays. In some cases, games may be played during the week.

Q: What is state league competition?

A: All teams U-12 and up are registered in the Alabama State League. This guarantees each team eight games versus teams across the state. Each team will play four home games and four away games. Auburn Thunder has teams competing in Division I and Division II play.

Q: When do spring/fall seasons start and end?

A: Fall season starts at the beginning of August with “Advanced Camp”.  Practices will begin the next week with your individual team. The fall season will run until the first to second week of December. Spring season will begin with a preseason camp the second week of February. The season will run until the  of May.

Q: What is the academy program?

A: The academy program is an opportunity for us to focus on more individual development of our younger players.  Rather than create many separate teams and participate in state league; the academy program follows a curriculum as a group and attends specified play dates throughout the season.  Currently, our academy program is available for all players U-11 and below.

Q: What is the level of commitment required for Auburn Thunder?

A: As a competitive, travel soccer club we expect a high level of commitment from all of our players.  We hope to instill a level of responsibility towards the team so the player understands their absence affects the entire team. Excessively missed practices will affect playing time.

Q: How many tournaments will my child’s team attend each season and how far away will these tournaments be?

A: All teams, except for academy level, will attend three tournaments during each season. Auburn Thunder staff tries to schedule tournaments with a maximum of 3-4 hours in travel. This is subject to change per coaches and parents request. Auburn Thunder coaches make every effort to keep the travel manageable.

 Q: What is covered in my ATSC fees?

A:Click Here for the updated fees structure

Q: What happens if my child’s fees are not paid?

A: Thunder players will not be able to begin the season if the ATSC fee is not paid by August 1st. If you have been reminded more than twice to pay your team fees and still no payment is received, your child’s player card will be pulled and they will not be able to participate until you are up to date on all payments.

Q: What are the benefits of extra training sessions?

A: Team training only covers a small portion of the amount of time a player should be training in a week.  While team training is necessary for tactical skills, it is vital to an individual player’s development to put time in outside of regularly scheduled practices.



Q: How old do you have to be to tryout for Auburn Thunder?

A: Due to a new statewide initiative, all of our players under the age of 10 play in our academy program. Typically, we suggest your player be at least 8 years old before trying out for Thunder. If you have further questions, please get in touch with the director of coaching.

 Q: How do I register for tryouts?

A: All tryout registration is online through the Auburn Thunder website. The cost is $30 a player.

Q: When and how are team selections made after tryouts?

A: All team selections will be posted on the Auburn Thunder website the day after tryouts are complete. A specific time will be announced to all registered participants. All coaches meet and discuss the creation of teams and the placement of players. All decisions are made to benefit the most players. An ASA board member is present at the team selection meeting.

Q: When will coaches be announced?

A: While we try to have a general idea of coach placement for the new season, the final decision is not made public until team selections are posted to the Auburn Thunder website.

Q: My child is already on a travel soccer team. Is it necessary for him to tryout again?

A: Yes. All players must try out regardless of playing status in the previous, seasonal year.

Q:  What are my options if my child is not selected to participate in the travel program?

A: ASA offers a recreational program that offers age groups U6-U18. Your child may also attend extra training sessions held by Auburn Thunder coaches four days a week.

Q: Does my child have to play both Fall and Spring season?

A: Yes, Auburn Thunder Soccer Club’s seasonal year encompasses both fall & spring seasons as this gives children the best opportunity to develop as players. The only exception is our high school specific aged teams.

Q: Who do I ask team selection questions to post tryouts?

A: All team selection questions can be directed to the Director of Coaching ([email protected]) .


Auburn Thunder Coaches, Staff, & Board

 Q: How are the coaches selected to be on staff?

A: Individuals who are interested in coaching must contact the DOC, the technical director, or our coaching education & recruitment director.  The director of coaching assigns all Auburn Thunder coaches to teams.

Q: What are qualifications for thunder coaches?

A: All Auburn Thunder coaches have USSF licenses and certification. Each coach is required to participate in continuing education throughout his/her coaching career with Thunder. Auburn Thunder requires that all Division 1 head coaches hold a D license.
Thunder Licensed Coaching Staff

1 x B License
2 x C License 
3 x College Coaches

To find out more information about U.S Soccer coaching licenses please visit

Q: How are managers selected?

A: After each team is formed the director of coaching selects a team manager for each team who has experience with all registration requirements. Managers frequently meet with the ASA registrar to discuss any issues or concerns brought to his/her attention. A team manager is a volunteer position.

Q: Who do I go to with questions about my child’s playing time, position, or skills?

A: Any of the issue listed above need to be addressed with your child’s coach. These are not questions for a manager to address. If you are uncomfortable discussing these items with your coach, please contact the director of coaching.

Q: I have a big concern or issue, do I just show up at the board meeting?

A: No, if you would like to attend the board meetings, you need to contact a board member to announce your attendance. Citizen communications are the first item addressed in each meeting. Issues pertaining to your child’s coach, team, and/or Thunder experience should first be addressed to the Auburn Thunder Director of Coaching. If no solution can be reached, then board meeting attendance can be scheduled.

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