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Auburn Thunder Juggling Club

Juggling is a very important part of a player’s development. While it is rare to have consecutive
touches in the air during a game, juggling is a foundational skill in soccer that improves a
 Touch, and eye/foot coordination
 Balance and core strength
 Confidence and comfort with the ball
Juggling improvement will help players to be more confident and comfortable with the ball in
possession and develop a “style” of skill with the ball. The Juggling Club is an avenue to
encourage and reward players for improvement in juggling and working on their touch.

 Players may (and should) practice regularly at home. However, scores must be
verified by an Auburn Thunder Soccer Club coach. The best place for this is to
attend Wednesday evenings juggling club from 5:30 - 5:45 pm. Your team coaches
may also report scores to Coach Meghan.
 Ball must be kept in the air for consecutive touches. If the ball touches the ground,
the juggling count returns to zero.
 U8 - U11 players may start the juggling with their hands.

U12-U19 players must start with the ball on the ground. All body parts, except the hands and arms, may be used to keep the ball in the air.

The Juggling Club has multiple levels of membership.

u11 and under
White Level : 25 Bounce Juggles
Copper Level : 7 Juggles
Bronze Level : 12 Juggles
Silver Level : 20 Juggles
Gold Level :35 Juggles
Platinum Level : 50 Juggles
Hall of Fame Level: 75 Juggles

u12 and older
Orange Level : 15 Juggles
Red Level : 25 Juggles
Grey Level : 40 Juggles
Yellow Level : 65 Juggles
Black Level : 100 Juggles
Blue Level : 125 Juggles
Hall of Fame Level : 175 + Juggles

Tips & Suggestions
It is helpful to establish a pattern with juggling and stick to the pattern. The weaker foot is
always one that causes players the most difficulty. The quickest way to become a better juggler
and more importantly develop a better touch is to work on the weak foot specifically. A pattern
for a right footed player would be two left, one right and continue this pattern. This will be
more time-consuming and results are slower INITIALLY, but this method will pay off as the
player develops the ability to juggle almost indefinitely. Dedication and discipline are the keys
here and these traits will yield greater results

Goal Setting:

Set up goals. The goals can be weekly, monthly and yearly. Try to achieve a certain number of
juggles by specific time. The goals become your target. Start slow and with a reasonable goal
and your results will start to improve.

Juggling Director
Meghan Kemp 
                                                 [email protected] | 256-508-1871                                          



300 North Dean Road, Suite 5-184
Auburn, Alabama 36830

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